This Guy's Addicted to Rescuing Chihuahuas | Dodo Heroes
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This Guy's Addicted to Rescuing Chihuahuas Dodo Heroes is a TV series from Group Nine that tells the stories of animals who have been rescued by caring humans. It premiered in June 2018 and is available to watch on Animal Planet GO, YouTube and Facebook. Big Guy’s Big Heart for Little Dogs Bobby Humphreys, 49, is a Chihuahua owner and has been saving and rescuing dozens of tiny dogs in his Boonsboro, Maryland, home. He opened the Big Guy, Little World sanctuary to help abused and neglected pups find a new home. Sadie’s Safe House for Chihuahuas Run by Shanae, the president of the organization, Sadie’s Safe House for Chihuahuas takes in and rehabilitates stray and abandoned Chihuahuas in her area. She also makes sure that the dogs are spayed or neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped before they are given away for adoption. The rescue aims to find homes for Chihuahuas who are abandoned, maltreated, or have been discarded by their families because of financial hardships. The rescue is staffed by a team of compassionate volunteers who are dedicated to giving these little guys a second chance at life! Ay Chihuahua Another Texas-based Chihuahua rescue, Ay Chihuahua rehomes Chihuahuas and other small breeds from foster homes. These rescued dogs are placed in loving homes where they are nursed back to health and ready for adopters. The organization has a non-negotiable adoption fee of $165 to $240 depending on the type of dog you choose. Enchantment Chihuahuas Margaret Wiltse and a team of volunteers from Enchantment Chihuahuas save abused and maltreated Chihuahuas from euthanasia and other places. They require a vet reference, a video of your home and a meet-and-greet. The application process can take anywhere from two to three weeks before the rescue volunteers can make a decision.

It's time to say goodbye.
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A small Chihuahua that is difficult to get used to shaving.
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A Small Chihuahua That is Difficult to Get Used to Shaving A small Chihuahua that is difficult to get used to shaving A small Chihuahua can be difficult to shave. Because they are so small, their paws are relatively small, and it can be very hard for them to grasp the blades of the shaver. It is also very easy for them to hurt themselves by pulling too hard when you shave them, so be careful. It is very important that you never shave your dog's underside. This can cause serious injuries and could even kill the animal. If you are unsure of how to shave your Chihuahua, it is best to consult a vet or groomer. They can provide you with a proper method of grooming and recommend the right type of blade for your dog. You should always shave your Chihuahua when it is clean and dry, not wet or muddy. This will help keep it safe from catching a cold, and it will also make the shave process a lot easier for you. The shaved area can be very painful for your dog, so you should use a soft towel to protect them from pain. You can also use a hot water bottle to help them feel more comfortable. It is important to groom your Chihuahua regularly, including weekly brushing for short-haired dogs (long-haired dogs should be brushed more often). A bath every few months is ideal. It is important to trim the nails occasionally as well.

How to stop Chihuahua and Yorkie from barking!
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How to Stop Chihuahua and Yorkie From Barking! Whether you're dealing with excessive or inappropriate barking, there are a few things you can do to put a stop to it. Often, barking is caused by restlessness or separation anxiety. These factors can be difficult to address, but by following some of these suggestions, you'll be able to curb your dog's barking. Exercise: Give your dog at least 30 minutes of exercise each day. This will help them release energy and distract them from their bad behavior. Time-out: If your dog is barking too much, you can put them in a small room for about 3-4 minutes to calm down. They can then come out and play once they're relaxed again. Distraction: When you notice your dog barking at something, such as another dog, a neighbor's pet, or passing cars, try distracting them with a treat. Do this several times or as often as needed. Positive Reinforcement: When your dog obeys the command to quiet, praise them and reward them with a treat or a favorite toy. This will teach them that they should only bark when the command is given. Mistakes: When training your dog to stop barking, make sure that you don't do any of the following mistakes: Negative Attention: Don't give your dog negative attention when they bark; this will only encourage them to continue their behavior. This is a common mistake made by many owners, but it's not an effective way to deter unwanted behavior.

My Tiny Angry Chihuahua Attacking Bigger Dogs in Jealousy
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My Tiny Angry Chihuahua Attacking Bigger Dogs in Jealousy My Tiny Angry Chihuahua Attacking Bigger Dogs in Jealousy If you're not careful, your chihuahua could become jealous of bigger dogs and begin attacking them. This behavior is common and can be caused by many things, from fear to envy. First and foremost, it's important to make sure that your chihuahua has been properly socialized with other dogs, people and other experiences as puppies. This will help to minimize the potential for future aggression. Aggression in Pups - What You Need to Know Most dog aggression is a result of fear. They're usually afraid of new sights, sounds and people they don't know – all of which is why it's so important to expose your dog to new experiences from an early age. This will help them learn that the world is full of things they can trust and enjoy, not scary things they need to be afraid of. Possessive Behavior & Pushy Behaviour If your dog tries to bite or growl at someone when they reach for their toys, food bowls or food, this is an indication of jealousy. This type of behavior can be problematic or it may just be an indication that your dog is feeling stressed and needs to get your attention. Illness & Injury Illness or injury can cause your dog to be cranky and aggressive. It's possible that your ill or injured dog is trying to protect their home or owner, which could lead to snapping and warning growls.

Chihuahua sitting for a treat
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Training a Chihuahua to Sit When a Chihuahua is a puppy or a young adult, many owners have a difficult time getting them to sit. This is because these dogs are often very stubborn, so it takes patience and repetition to train them. Training Chihuahuas to sit is an essential part of canine obedience and helps ensure that your dog will be calm, relaxed, attentive, and out of trouble. It also gives you stimulus control, which means that your Chihuahua will only offer the behavior on cue. The first step in training a Chihuahua to sit is to teach them the word “sit.” This can be done by using a treat and verbal praise. After a few sessions, your dog will be able to respond to the command and earn a reward when they sit. Afterward, you should try to get your dog to sit on their own without the lure or verbal prompting. This may be harder than sitting with a food lure, but it will be rewarding in the long run! Once your dog has mastered the sit, it is time to move on to teaching him to lie down. Use the same steps, except hold a treat up a little bit over your Chihuahua’s head so that he can see it and be curious. As he gets more and more curious, he should start to look up at the treat. When he does, say “Sit!” and give him the treat immediately. If your dog doesn’t respond to the sit or lie down, it might be time to take him to the vet for an exam. Your vet can determine if there is a physical problem that prevents him from properly sitting, and they can help set up treatment, rehabilitation, or management programs that will work best for your dog.